• How do I download the app?

    The app is available free of charge on the App Store (iOS) or the PlayStore (Android)..

  • Is the app 100% free?

    YES! The Decathlon Pacer app is and will remain 100% free for all users registered before end of December 2023.

  • What equipment is required to be able to use the app?

    No equipment is required; however, it's preferable to have a compatible smart watch so that your sessions can be synced directly to the app.

  • What goals can I set with the app?

    The training programmes generated by the app are suitable for the 10km, semi-marathon and marathon. At the moment, the app does not generate programmes specific to trail running.

  • What's the advantage of using Decathlon Pacer app rather than a standard training programme?

    The programme generated by Decathlon Pacer is tailored specifically to your level and your goal. If you want a semi-marathon programme for a finishing time of 1h33 and you have 15 weeks to prepare, then we'll come up with a personalised programme to help you achieve exactly that.
    Your programme will also evolve according to your results and how you feel.
    What's the advantage? A programme that continually gives you just the right dose to maximise progress and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Does the app feature tracking?

    No, there's no tracking in the Decathlon Pacer app.
    If you want to use your phone to track your runs, you can do that using the Decathlon Coach app.


  • What devices are compatible with the Decathlon Pacer ?

    The following services are compatible with the app:
    Garmin / Coros / Polar / Suunto / Fitbit / Decathlon Coach / Decathlon Connect / Domyos e-connected

  • I don't have a smart watch, can I still use the app?

    Yes. A smart watch is not necessary for using the app.
    Nevertheless, the experience is better when you have a smart watch. You can checkout compatible products here.


  • How is my training programme generated?

    The training programme is based on a catalogue of sessions created by certified and approved coaches. Then, we've developed algorithms in collaboration with coaches, as well as with Decathlon's R&D department (SportsLab) that generate a structured, personalised and evolving programme 💪


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